Friday, September 15, 2017

Celebrate Fall!

Happy Friday everyone!  Today I want to share with you Close to my Hearts featured papers for September!

Here are four cards I made for my Fall card workshop!  I just love these papers!

This one is my favorite of the four!
This page shows the Cats and Bats paper pack!
 Here is the Falling for you Paper pack!
 This is called a Double Dutch fold card!  I really like this fold!
 This flower paper is my favorite in the Fall for You pack!
 I have only one Halloween card for my workshop!  That doesn't mean I won't create some more!  I love how CTMH puts non traditional papers in their packs.
Here is a list of the supplies I used to make these cards.  You can get these at

Cats and Bats paper pack- X7224B, Emerald paper and stamp pad-x5969, z2806. Scallop Boarder thin die-z3348.  Falling for you paper pack- X7223B, September stamp of the month- S1709,  Hello and thanks thin die set (retired) z3259.  Fern paper and ink pad- x5960, z2850, pebble paper -x5955.  Goldrush paper and ink pad- x5962, z2823, Hear border thin cuts- Z3347, Basic ovals thin cuts- Z3328 and Gold Glitter Gems- z3312.

I hope you have a great weekend and check back next week for more Close to my Heart artwork and Gardening news!

Hugs,  Ronda

Monday, September 11, 2017

More garden news!

Happy Monday !  I was just going through all of the pictures I took this summer of my veggie garden and I thought I would share a few today.

I hope everyone is safe from Hurricane Irma and your homes didn't get much damage.  I've seen that a lot of cars were damaged by trees.

At the beginning of the growing season, I took a picture of this tomato plant growing out of the side of my compost bin.
Now at the end of the season my bin is surrounded by what I call garden donors!  These are all cherry tomatoes that have just grown up on there own.  I have probably gotten 2 gallon bags full of them so far.  The first picture is what the above plant looks like now and the second is the other side of the bin where about four plants grew.

There is a beautiful dill growing there too.  I also have a nice little frog living under these plants.  He hides when I come out but sings to me from his hiding place.

Well that's it for today!  Come back tomorrow for a look at some tomato plants and the canning I did with them.

Hugs,  Ronda

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Garden Pictures!

Good morning and happy Saturday to you!  As we await the horrible storm of Irma in Florida, I sit up here in mid Michigan on a sunny but chilly morning.  It is 11:18 and only 59 degrees.  That's pretty chilly for September 9th. Yesterday I got outside and pulled up some veggie plants, cleaned things up and brought in a nice bell pepper along with some pretty green tomatoes that might turn red down in the basement.  I also dug up my red skin potatoes.  There weren't very many but it will give us a couple of side dishes with meals.
I have some russet potatoes growing too but I didn't plant them until July so they won't be ready for a while.  Here is  a picture of there pretty flowers.

Down below is what used to be in this space.  I let the sage and Thyme flower for the bee's and then I dug them up because they were too over grown and woody.  I left in the lemon thyme!  I also had some garlic there.

Well that is it for today, I must get working on my next card workshop which will be fall cards using Close to my Hearts Falling for you and maybe a little cats and bats paper packs.

Have a wonderful weekend and please continue to pray for the people and homes in the path of Irma and also all of the people and homes in the path of all the wild fires.

Check back tomorrow or Monday for another post on my summer veggie plant news.

Hugs,  Ronda

Friday, September 8, 2017

Close to my Hearts from the Heart Kit.

Just a quick post today to show off the beautiful September promotion.  It is a beautiful card kit that makes 12 interactive cards.  You can buy extra bases or the stamp set separately too.  The Stamp set is actually 2 sets so it is a great deal.  You can also search #ctmhfromtheheart for great samples of these cards.

Go to my website at and get yours today.  Enjoy your weekend and pray for all of the people in the Hurricane and fire paths.


Thursday, August 24, 2017


Happy Thursday!  I just wanted to share some of the things I have been doing with my gardens lately!
It is that time of year to be harvesting the tomatoes and peppers.  So far I have made stuffed peppers, pasta sauce, just plain tomatoes.  Yesterday I cooked up some and made one jar of whole Roma's with juice and lots of basil and then a batch of salsa.  I like trying different things so each of my jars of plain tomatoes have a large whole basil leave in it.  I have also done up 14 jars of dill pickles. 4 different batches marked with the recipe for each one.  I wanted to see witch one we liked best.

Isn't this basket cute?  I found it at a little antique store in Ludington MI a couple of weeks ago.

 My Roma's are huge this year.  This is the first big one I picked but I have picked larger ones since this.

 I love these little pickling cucumbers!

And here is the finished product.  Just the first batch.

 Here I just wanted to show you a couple of my Glads!

 Here is the most beautiful butterfly I saw in my yard this year. It just loved this plant and came back day after day.

Well that's it for today.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Warehouse sale!

Wow! Here it is past the middle of August already!  I have been doing a lot of Gardening and canning so I haven't done any crafting.  Also my phone broke so I haven't been taking any pictures.  I just wanted to get a quick post in to show off a few of the item in the Warehouse sale this week!  Please visit my website to few the whole sale.  Everything is 50% off.  And don't forget to take a look at the 2 idea books while you are there.  The seasonal inspirations 2 will retire on August 31 and there are some fabulous summer papers in there.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and come back next week to see the final sale of the month!


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Warehouse Sale!

Hello!  Today I just wanted to share the Warehouse sale we are having at Close to my Heart.  Everything is 50% off and a new sale starts every Tuesday!  Today's is a great one full of Halloween stuff and other wonderful retired products.

Isn't this just adorable?

This is a wonderful bundle too with our old fundamentals and accessories!  This paper pack has a raised shiny emboss on one side.  It was one of my favorite packs.  There is a bunch of other stuff too.

While you are there, make sure you check out the new Annual inspirations and all the new goodies it has.

Have a great Day!  Ronda