Monday, August 15, 2016

Canning and composting!!!

Happy Monday!

Yesterday I canned dill pickle relish for the first time.  I kind of made up my own recipe but followed the instructions from the ball book.  My husband and I just love the dill relish on hot dogs.  I don't like the stuff in the stores.  Next weekend I am going to give  sweet relish a try.

I have been making a lot of stuff with tomatoes and will can salsa today!  I will talk about those in a later post.

What do you do with all your veggie scraps?  Well I would hope you are putting them back in the garden.  By using a compost bin and putting all of my fruit and veggie scraps along with coffee grounds filters and egg shells! I get healthy fertilizer back.  I also get surprise plants.  This year I got some beautiful red skinned potatoes growing right out of the bin.  I also have a wonderful acorn quash plant that I have 7 of them growing.  As well as parsley and a couple tomato plants and a cantaloupe.

This is my indoor pail that I put my scraps in!
 This is the compost bin.
 This is the acorn squash plant.
 Here is the cantaloupe.
 And of course this is the first acorn squash I picked!

I love the mystery plants.  I also put my shredded paper in it as well as some of the lawn clippings and dead plants and leaves.  Make sure you water it every now and again and stir it up occasionally

Happy Gardening!.

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