Monday, June 19, 2017

Garden news!

Well we are half way through the year.  I am so happy it has cooled down a little bit, but I sure wish we would have gotten some of the rain that other parts of Michigan got over the weekend.

I hope everyone enjoyed Fathers Day with there families, I know I did!

Despite the Hot dry weather we have had, my garden is doing quite well!  Here is a couple of pictures!

The new raised bed is doing really good.  Check out this broccoli I grew!  It is the first time I ever grew broccoli and it was delicious!

Well that's all for today!  Come back tomorrow for a look at some scrapbook pages I have been working on of my recent trip to South Haven.  I'm mixing up a current paper pack called No worries with a retired pack called sea side.  Here is a picture of the No Worries!  Don't forget to checkout my website at

I almost forgot to tell you about the cardstock sale!  The sale runs through June!

Have a great week!


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Feed the Bee's!!!!

Happy June everyone!

Today I want to share some pictures of the herbs I have let flower.  In this little garden I have Sage, which is the one with all the purple flowers.  Behind it is Thyme with the little white flowers and to the left is Lemon Thyme which is just beginning to flower.

I don't normally let my herbs flower but I really wanted to feed the Bee's.  They love these sage flowers so much and they are beautiful.

On the far right you can see some garlic growing.  I usually have a lot more than this but I had such a huge crop of it last year and I am still using it, I didn't plant a lot of it.

In another garden I have my chives, which are a pain in the rear if they start seeding but I love these flowers.  Have you ever tasted one?  Spicy!

The Bee's really like these too!

When the herbs are done flowering I will cut them back and feed my compost bin with them, except for the chive flowers.  They go in a lawn bag because they re-seed like mad.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and I will post again soon.

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