Thursday, October 20, 2016

Planners have to plan, so why not color too!

I have never been much of a person to keep a planner or calendar other than at my desk so I can write down when bills are due.

I have a Birthday book so I look at it at the first of the month and write them down on the calendar.

My appointments go on another calendar that sits on the side of the refrigerator. My husband and I both use that one so we can keep track of each other!  LOL !!!!!!

Now I am having workshops for scrapbooking and card making at my home and I have team meetings.

OH MY!!!!  I think I need a planner!  What would be better than a planner with adult coloring sheets inside for those boring meetings?

At Close to my Heart, we have two beautiful albums and new 2017 planner pages with coloring sheets and a handing zip lock bag to keep those colored pencils in.  Check out the two different bundles you can get at!

Don't forget to grab the water color pencil set while you are there.  You can use them for regular coloring too.

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