Thursday, January 26, 2017

Spring Cleaning and National Paper Crafting Month!

Good morning!

When do you start your Spring cleaning?  I always start mine in January.  I love to be outside cleaning up gardens when it gets nice out so I want the spring cleaning to be done when it starts getting warm outside.

I always start in the kitchen, with the cupboards.  Everything comes out and they get cleaned inside and out.  I have space above the cupboards that I have pottery on so that all comes down and gets washed too.

I do a little section everyday so that my shoulders don't get to sore.  Dang arthritis.  When all the cupboards are clean, I go back over them with liquid gold.  That always gives a nice shine and brings back the color of the wood.

I am washing the walls and the baseboards as I go around too.  When the kitchen is done it is on to the bathrooms for the same treatment.

Don't you like to put something nice out when the house is nice and clean?

I always do and this year it is going to be my free wreath from Close to my Heart.  They are giving one away to each person that spends $60.  It is a kit you personalize yourself.  I'm starting mine today!  You can always buy it out right too for $18.95.

All you need is a quilling tool (which we sell) and some liquid glass (yes we have that too)!  Or you can use any clear glue to hold the roses together and affix everything on the ring.  I know you will love this wreath so go to my website and get yours now before they are all gone.  You have until January 31, while supplies last.

Have a great day!


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